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We see the need, we know the gaps, and we are rising to the challenge! With your donations and support, Healthy Living Projects can and will continue to serve the Johnson and Miami county area.

Being a small nonprofit has its advantages, and its disadvantages. On one hand, we are lucky to have an intimate and passionate executive board and staff. We're becoming more engaged with our communities and we're seeing a steady increase in our testing numbers. In response, we added an additional day of services and are broadening our outreach efforts. In fact, at the end of 2015, we reported a 10.25% increase in HIV tests since 2012. This tells us that there's still a need and many gaps to address. If individuals are increasingly wanting to be tested, then "at risk" behaviors are still prevelant.

However, on the other hand, funding is limited. While we do receive grant funding from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for testing, the amount of that award fluctuates. And although we're ramping up and attempting to tackle what needs to be done within our service area, that funding remains the same.

What's ahead of us? With the National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States: Updated to 2020 (released July 2015), there are two key prevention and two key prevelant outcomes that our services can and need to address:

For prevention,
* increase the percentage of people living with HIV who know their serostatus to at least 90%
* reduce the percentage of young gay and bisexual men who have engaged in HIV-risk behaviors by 10%

Our response: Increasing our testing hours and educational outreach programs.

For retention in care and viral suppression,
* increase the percentage of persons with diagnosed HIV infection who are retained in HIV medical care to at least 90%
* Increase the percentage of persons with diagnosed HIV infection who are virally suppressed to at least 80%

Our response: Although we are a prevention/testing agency, we have chosen to support our HIV+ community by creating the Healthy Living Group. HLG is a peer facilitated HIV support group where participants are meet in a discreet and comfortable environment to learn about their disease, are provided with healthy living tools, and are encouraged to share their own experiences and perspectives. Keeping our HIV+ community informed and actively engaged is essential to their overall health.

Since our landscape is dynamic and constantly changing, we find ourselves in persistent motion. Being a small organization allows us to respond with agility - quickly adapting those changes. It is through your generous donations that we have continued to be as successful as we have been. You help us maintain our momentum. And we thank you!


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