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As this site provides STD/HIV resources and education, it also contains frank talk and images about sex. If you are not seeking such information, or might be offended by such materials, please exit this website.

Privacy Policy

Healthy Living Project, INC HIV Confidentiality Policies and Procedures

Purpose. The Kansas HIV confidentiality law (K.S.A 65-6002, K.S.A-6003 the Public Health Law) strictly protects the confidentiality of information about individuals who have undergone HIV-related testing, have HIV infection, HIV-related illness or AIDS, or are the contacts of these individuals. Healthy Living Project recognizes that it is essential to protect the confidentiality of such information in order to encourage people to learn their HIV status, obtain the HIV-related care and services they may need, and limit the harms that may result from the inappropriate use or disclosure of HIV-related information.

Confidentiality Policy. The Healthy Living Project will maintain the confidentiality of all HIV-related information (verbal and written) in accordance with the Kansas State HIV confidentiality law regulations of the Kansas State [K.S.A-6003], and this agency’s contract with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

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